Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GunSpot Feature Details

GunSpot Features
Gun Spot Main Search Screen
This is the GunSpot iPhone application's main search screen where four basics searches can be performed.
  1. Search within a zip code or partial zip code. e.g. "95032"
  2. Search a city and state. e.g. "San Jose", "California"
  3. Search name or beginning of a name like "Smith and Wesson"
  4. Search a virtual address. A virtual address allows you to see all the gun stores within a 10 mile radius of the entered address.
The bottom tab bar has four features. The first tab displays the feature "About" GunSpot. The second tab displays the feature "Favorites" where you store frequently visited gun stores, dealers or favorite manufacturers. The third tab displays the "Search" feature which is what is currently seen in the picture on the left. The final and fourth feature displays "Nearby" which will show you the gun stores nearest to you within a 10 mile radius.
Virtual Address Search Example
This is an example of using the "Virtual" search GunSpot feature. The left side image shows the virtual search view. This allows you to enter in any address to find out what gun stores or FFL dealers are nearby within a 10 mile radius. The requirements are Street Address, City, ZIP and State. If you start to type an address that you have previously entered, GunSpot will remember it and show you a list of addresses that start with the same information. You can see in the background a "1" was typed. You can edit this info if you want to delete an address from this list or cancel the option and enter in a brand new address. Here, the address is selected to generate the virtual search results. The image on the left shows the results that were generated. 43 dealers found. The top left there is a map button, that when tapped on will display a map. The top right is a button that when tapped on will allow you to mail the whole list to a friend. Useful if you are planning a trip and want to share the results with a friend or friends. Here is a map view of the entire list. You can select each pin to display a call out banner where you can get to detailed information or get driving directions from the virtual address. You can navigate either via directly on the map or using the scroll bar below the map to see the gun store names and their relative distances from the virtual address. Finally, you can email the entire list to friends. If planning a trip together, you can coordinate what gun stores you want to visit when you are at your virtual location. The email includes links to Google maps for driving directions to each location.
Gun Spot Nearby List View Screen
This view shows the tab bar "Nearby" functionality. This is the list view of the gun stores nearby within a ten mile radius. It shows the total number of nearby gun stores in the title bar as well as in the tab bar icon in a red circle. On the top left there is a "Map" view option which will display a map view of the list. In the top right there is a "Refresh" button to allow the refreshing of the data when the position of the phone has moved enough. The list is sorted closest to farthest showing the distance in each table entry.
Gun Spot Map View Screen
When tapping on the "Map" button on the upper left hand corner a map will appear. All the gun stores and FFL dealers will be located via pins. Clicking on a pin will display an annotation like the image below. The left hand icon is a button that when tapped will take you to another page that will show the details of the gun store/FFL dealer. The icon on the right (info icon) will take you to Google Maps for driving directions. The scroll bar on the bottom will allow you to easily navigate through the map pins to find a desired gun store or FFL dealer.
Gun Spot Gun Store Detail Screen
The detail view allows you to do many things. It allows you to visit their web page by tapping on the license holder name or business name. It allows you to dial the phone number. It allows you to view a detail image of the street address in a map view. It allows you to email this information to a friend. It allows you to add this gun store/FFL dealer to your contacts. It allows you to add this gun store/FFL dealer to your favorites list.
Gun Spot Favorites View Screen
The Favorites view allows you to capture your most frequently visited gun stores/FFL dealers. This allows you instant access to all the detail view information as outlined above. The "Favorites" tab bar item is also initialized with your total favorites count. You can edit this information by either deleting or moving the items around in the table view by tapping on the edit button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

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