Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GunSpot iPhone App Demo

Introducing GunSpot a new iPhone app that allows you to find any gun store, FFL transfer holder, gun manufacturer in the country. With over 60,000 records kept up-to-date from data directly from the ATF, this is the most comprehensive easy-to-use application. If you are a gun enthusiast and want to know about retail gun information, FFL transfer or gun manufactures in your area or any area, this is THE application for you. - Every gun store in the country! - Data directly from ATF. - Look up via ZIP, CITY, NAME. - Find Gun Sellers Near any Address. - Automatically saves favorite addresses. - Using GPS Find Gun Stores Nearby you. - Add a Gun Store to Favorites. - Add a Gun Store to your Contacts. - Email info to friend. - View gun store web site. - Get driving directions. - View establishment via google maps. - View Gun Store Density in area of interest! - Discover places you have never heard of before! Here is a demo of GunSpot in action.

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