Friday, November 20, 2020

New Release: Gun eTools 1.0.4 New stuff in it.


Gun eTools

This update of Gun eTools adds a couple of new features to help find whatever gun related stuff you need. I'm have included the "Local Items" to be fully search activated. The Local Items are collected as you look around an area on the map. Once they are captured the info can be searched up for later.

Also included in this release is recently visited places. If you found a place and didn't add it to favorites you have a good chance of getting back to it via the recents feature.

Here is the summary for the app "What's New" section:

- Updated local search items to be fully searchable and remotable.

- Local search items or "locals" are added from Apple Map Local Search dynamically as you explore an area on the map.

- Added "Recently Viewed" option

- Changed range icon to be less scary for Apple. (Maybe have to change the name too. I'm thinking '2A Sports'. Even less scarier.)

- Updated seek and search algorithm to make it "truly local, mobile, social".

- Maybe fixed a bug or two but I think it was pretty good. (Maybe added a bug)

- Increased overall enjoyability and added "Making the world a better place" pixie dust.


Here is the app description: 


Gun eTools is the most comprehensive 2A enthusiasts app ever built to supply data directing you too your favorite range or outdoor 2A sports store. (listen to this when reading: Epic Musics)

There are over 6,714 ranges available in our database to help you locate the perfect place to train or bring your family for outdoor fun.

If you know of a range that isn't included you can send the info to us and we'll gladly add it.

There are over 76,901 FFL's available.

All the FFL data comes directly from the ATF and is up-to-date!

With all this data you can find any retail store around you or in any city you choose.

But wait, there's more! Also, included is "Dynamic FFL eZCheck".

Every time you look at a FFL's details the FFL number is dynamically checked with the ATF website to ensure the license is still valid!

Lets talk "Local Search" items. This is a a new feature.

This is a Search based off off Apple Maps local search to find what is available around the area you are searching in the current map that is relevant to the app.

The data in this DB grows dynamically while you search around the country and if there is a match found from Apple to an existing FFL or Range the data is merged otherwise it is displayed as a separate item of interest that is fully searchable. Wow!

Local items are 99% related to the subject matter of interest but sometimes there is a flyer. You'll know when you see it!

Also included: Free Snowflake Filter. This app contains proprietary technology to prevent accidental exposure to snowflakes.

Gun eTools presents curated news feeds that presents a variety of industry news, political news affecting the 2A gun rights and entertainment from a few select YouTube channels and blogs that include reviews of the latest greatest products available.

In addition, at a minor little extra cost, GunBroker is fully integrated so you can browse all GunBroker items such as hunting and outdoor sports items and plan you next fishing or camping trip.

In addition you can manage your GunBroker auctions that you have bid on.

The GunBroker feature is an in app purchase. This is needed in order to be able to feed my family. Apple takes a 30% cut off the top!

This is the most comprehensive app available that shows both ranges and gun retail stores (FFLs) in one place along with Apple local search data to augment the results displayed for a rich full experience for gun enthusiasts throughout the known USA!

2A Sports Enthusiasts best friend.

Built by a fellow 2A enthusiast for fellow 2A enthusiasts.

Coming soon the ability to add reviews and photos to the vital information presented to make it even more valuable to everyone.


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