Thursday, May 18, 2023

Plinkr new release 1.0.25

A new release of Plinkr just dropped!

V 1.0.25

Lots of new stuff but the big one is "Plinkr Posts"

Now a gun store can make "Plinkr Posts", that is publish their daily specials, or an event or sale or new post on social media or sales channel with a link to follow.

A Plinkr Post consists of a Title, Body, Link and Photo.

There is also various call to action methods available for the user to contact the guns store depending on the configuration.

Some of them include email, text, FFLChat and phone.

This post, once published, will instantly generate a rich push notification for all followers to see.

This is a great way to enhance customer retention and boost conversion rates.

Keep the gun store on the forefront of a customers mind.

Other new items include the lasted FFL data from April, some bug a and other enhancements too.


Plinkr team


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