Plinkr GunBroker Mobile Features

Plinkr GunBroker has a lot of great features for the power user.

Your searches are kept in a "Collection Rack" to allow for a constant review of you favorite items. Easily removed by a long press.

For example I am interested in a Sig 556R, I can create a collection that tracks and displays all the 556R's that are available 

I can also quickly set up a collection to alway see what "Birmingham Pistol" has for sale on Gunbroker.

Collection Racks to Quickly
Access Sellers Items

All the categories are available to browse and a comprehensive search feature is also included to really fine tune searches to a specific location, time, keywords and more. A preview search results is displayed further adjust the search in case of no or limited results.

Search for keywords "Sig 556R"

A comprehensive detail view allows users to see exactly the same information as presented on the GunBroker website. The details presentation emphasizes the photos, price and purchasing options. You can watch the item or just keep track of it in the collection.

Item Detail

Other options include comprehensive sharing feature and the option to view the FFL in Plinkr.

Share Options

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