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First of all the feature is called "GBMarket"

Gun eTools provides a wonderfully joyous and fulfilling mobile user experience when perusing through the vast amount of sellers and products offered on Another way to describe it is efficient!

Quickly search then follow up with refining you search efficiently and accurately essentially a power user would probably really like this app. 

No more search and see with Gun eTools mobile you can actually preview a search via a count returned to verify results before actually retrieving and committing to a search only to find insufficient results.

That goes for checking out all characteristics and filters of a complex search. 

 You can quickly modify a search and recover.

 I'm not sure if you have noticed that the "saved search" feature does not quite work correctly. You can only go so far. For example doing a keyword search for "Saiga 12" selecting a category "Semi Auto Shotguns" then picking a specific manufacturer "Saiga" will not save. Picking anyone of the characteristics will not save. 

Rest assured Gun eTools (GBMarket) mobile with work every time!


GB Market allows access to all your favorite categories and powerful search features.

One of the things that makes Gun eTools GunBroker mobile so powerful is you can  create a collection that specifically monitors a product that you are interested in. 

Not only that you can monitor a seller or UPC!

In addition, you can create as many collections as you want. 

Once you have created your various collections all you need to do is scroll through your various interests quickly to see what is new and has changed.

Above is an example of one of the ways to access the over 300 categories that are available to users.

When viewing an item all the pertinent info is quickly available and if you want to see more details it's a single tap away.

Quickly determine the seller's feedback. View the description. See all important info in an instant.

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